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The figure of Ayurveda Doctor, Dr. Pankaj Naram, will be narrated through the dramatic results of his work: from the treatment of serious illnesses to the testimonies of patiment treated, from the ancient technique of pulse reading, through the research conducted with the aim of finding for new treatments for human suffering. We will discover the “Ancient Youth Secrets”, from the words of their guardians centenarians, following the protagonist along the exhausting shifts between the clinics around the world and the constant trips to Nepal and to India in order to bring back the ancient manuscripts. The work of an outstanding medical followed in India and worldwide for over 50 million people, thanks to the Zee Tv format “Yoga for You” in which he appears in more than a 100 countries. An itinerant doctor, closely followed by a number of collaborators, that helps him in pursuing his mission: try every day to give hope to people who cross his path.