Frozen shoulder, which is also called adhesive capsulitis, is a medical condition in which either or both shoulder joints experience stiffness or pain. The condition generally develops slowly and occurs in three stages, namely, the freezing stage (where the shoulder’s range of motion starts to become limited and moving it can cause pain), frozen stage (where pain may start to decrease but the joint becomes stiffer), and the thawing stage (where the shoulder begins to improve.)

The condition can last from one to three years, causing disruption and difficulty in daily tasks.

A number of treatments has been used, from exercises to medications and corticosteroids. However, only a few of them have proven effective in relieving patients of the stiffness and pain.

But there is a natural remedy that has helped numerous patients with frozen shoulder, and it is known as Marma Shakti.

It is an ancient healing technique that has been in existence for more than two millennia. It involves removing blocks and rebalancing the energy, or prana in the human body, and focuses it on the pertinent Marma point in the body – in this case, the affected shoulder – to restore health and peace of mind.

Master Healer and a distinguished expert in Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets, Dr. Pankaj Naram is one of the very few exceptional practitioners of Marma Shakti. National Geographic featured Dr. Pankaj Naram as World Authority on Ancient Healing, which includes Marma Shakti. Part of Dr. Naram’s deeper healing method includes checking his persons’ diet and lifestyle to make sure that there is balance in the human body. Then by pressing certain marma points, or subtle energy points on the body that connect physcially, mentally, and emotionally, Dr. Naram is able to help remove blocks and renew mobility. For more information about Dr. Naram & how Siddha-Veda can help you, visit Ancient Healing online.