Dr. Naram talks about how the ancient art of pulse reading helped his masters in India live extraordinarily long lives. And how changing your diet to be free of gluten, cheese, and junk food like pizza and burgers can change your life.




Dr. Naram: [00:00:00] Believe it or not thousands and thousands of years ago maybe more than 2500 years ago in Nalanda University. One of my masters was teaching the secret art and science of pulse reading and pulse healing deeper and deeper. I had a master who lived up to 125. Also the master who lived up to the 145 also had a master also had a master. The ultimate master was lord Buddhas personal physician. His name was Jivaka. So on the scriptures knowledge some secrets which I’m sharing with you in USA in Canada in America in all over the world including India, Italy, Germany, France, Holland. The secrets are coming from handwritten Scriptures which were preserved in Nalanda University. Then something happened many invasion happen and the scriptures were burned. And then. One of our masters took those scriptures to Tibet and Nepal. And now I’m bringing them back to this planet so that this world is a happy place to live healthy place to live. And so that you can heal deeper and deeper. When I come here I see the energy I see the building I see the pictures I see everything. Architecture its so ancient soul. So one day from here.Bologna University will go to Nalanda University in Bihar. And we are going to share with you some secrets written on Ancient scriptures about how you can reverse your diabetes how you can take charge of your life. How you can change your diet lifestyle here. Dr. Giovanni in this time which is 2017 helping lots of Italians by helping them to be free from gluten, cheese, pizza pasta, burger, so why not people who are Indians or people who are Asians. Learn from these great Italian men how you can change your diet and change your life. We’ll be sharing many many secrets during those days. So get ready for many many secrets which can change your life which can save your life forever. I love you all. Namaskar.

Dr. Giovanni: [00:02:29] Namaskar.

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