The ancient healing traditions of the East meet the ancient healing traditions of the West. Dr. Pankaj Naram talks with Dr. Giovanni from the University of Bologna in Italy, founded in 1088. It is the oldest university in continuous operation in the world. Dr. Giovanni talks about how “the quality of life depends on the quality of sleep,” and how exercise and proper eating are essential to quality sleep.



Dr. Naram: [00:00:03] Namaskar. I’m Dr. Pankaj Naram

Dr. Giovanni: [00:00:07] I’m Dr. Giovanni, Namaskar.

Dr. Naram: [00:00:10] Buongiorno buonasera. Believe it or not. Now we are in the most oldest University of Europe. Where all the greatest experiments started on human body, human mind and human emotions. This building is about six hundred years old. There are more than 800 thousand. So many research and development done in this past 600 years. This table which you see. Was. Coming from. How many years Giovanni? about as long as.

Dr. Giovanni: [00:00:50] 600 years, it was the place where there was a dissection this section off dead body. So for an atomic study so the time was one of the first place in the official in the university where they do a search where they discovered how they want to study the this inner structure of the human body. Now we have so many so many technology we are much more advanced. But these all in our Western science everything started from here. So and then we are with this a great master that brings the knowledge of the knowledge of an ancient secret to ancient a healing system. In this all way you can say all the scientific place so that they will can have a fusion fusion of the Western science and the knowledge of the profound knowledge of the east so that we can offer a solution for all the many problems that are we say afflicting afflicting our society, diabetes, blood pressure, joints problem and all other kind. So we are in place we are honoring all the great doctors and scientists that there you see our masters that are have been here before us and we are welcoming Dr. Naram. No we have we have all around us. We have surrounded of statue from all the respected doctors and the deity. We have also in front of us Hippocrates that we can see there the father the father of our western science. And he was pointing very deeply think importance the importance of food, food in our life. And they were saying that we are whatever we are eating. And he was describing also the lifestyle so he was describing which is the better the best way to preserve our energy.

Dr. Giovanni: [00:02:46] So people are saying in Latin ……………… That means after food in lunch we have to rest, but after dinner we have to do some exercise. So it is but if this is good advice from the time that we we should be in also do some exercise with the digestive power our … is a is a trees so that we have we can eliminate the toxins and then we have a better sleep at night. And as Dr. Naram say the quality of life depends on quality of sleep. So there is a merge of this ancient tradition in whatever Dr. Naram mention secret are same.


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