First, Dr. Pankaj Naram wants to make sure that anyone affected by Natural Disasters anywhere in the world feel his love and support. For these kinds of situations is a big reason why he created the Dr. Pankaj Naram Seva Foundation.

Houston Home Submerged in Water After Hurricane Harvey

The devastation of the hurricanes in Houston, Texas, and the flooding in India and other parts of the world leave so many of us with a sense of worry. We worry because we either want to help and don’t know how? Or we ourselves are in those parts of the world affected and don’t know how to cope? Or we see what is happening there and we know it can happen where we live, and we don’t know how to best prepare in case it happens here?

Flooding destroyed homes and businesses of millions of people

The first of a 3 part series published about Dr. Pankaj Naram on the Huffington Post just came out – featuring advice, wisdom, and secret remedies – which you should have ready for yourself and your family in any emergency situation. The ancient science of Siddha-Veda contains many secrets of the masters who for thousands of years have been helping people through big challenges like these. What if you can not reach a hospital, or all the emergency vehicles are busy, or even like in Houston where some hospitals had to close down? What are the ancient remedies which you can be prepared with to use and help yourself and your family while you wait for other care to arrive?

Dr Pankaj Naram in Kathmandu, Nepal, during destruction of the recent Earthquakes

And then how can we best help others who are in need? Even if we may never meet them in person or hear them say thank you – Dr. Naram says that Saint Mother Teresa taught him the true meaning of love. When you serve someone, this is true love. Even if you may not know their name or face. The Huffington Post article highlights a special way in which you can become involved in helping people, and at the same time feel a big increase of love in your own life.

Part 1 published on Huffington Post (Dr. Pankaj Naram)…

Hurricanes, Natural Disasters & an Ancient Healer’s Secrets

What ancient secrets for Natural Disasters or any burning challenge you face would you like to have Dr. Naram share next?

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