*Shakti Earth Competition Instructions And Guidelines*

Congratulations on choosing to be a part of the solution … of deeper healing for yourself and for Mother Earth!

Description of Shakti Earth Competition:

Everyone who enters will be a winner.
– Your life will be better just by participating, brainstorming and proposing ideas on how to help Mother Earth (how we can help in cleaning environment, rivers, forests, air, land, protecting forests, producing less garbage, recycling more, etc)
– Each person who submits an idea through video will get a gift from Dr. Naram
– Those who submit, even if not selected to come to the Himalayas will be given special invitation to participate in some parts of the full experience through Livestream video
– Ultimately if Mother Earth wins, we all win
– 6 to 9 Youth will be selected as representatives to come to Kathmandu, Nepal for some special experiences, and training, and group brainstorming/collaboration on how to manifest these ideas into reality. There you will be taken through activities Dr. Naram’s master did with him on how to face any fear, ego, and how to manifest great ideas into reality.

How to Enter?
STEP #1)
If you are age 12-25, Create a video sharing:
– what is one problem You see that You would like to help solve?
– what is Your idea for a solution?
– how would You implement that solution?

Post video to YouTube with this title:
“Dr. Naram’s Shakti Earth Competition – Submission by <insert your name, your country>”

Submit videos in English, or with subtitles in English

STEP #2)
After posting your video, send an email including a link to your video here: info@drnaram.com (with subject title: Shakti Earth Competition Submission)

What to expect after You Post Your Video and Submit Your Entry:

After submitting your entry to info@drnaram.com (with subject title: Shakti Earth Competition Submission) You will receive an email confirmation of your submission.

Your video/entry will be judged on:
– The possible impact of your idea
– Imagination/innovation behind your idea
– Overall Impact of your video (how well you have communicated your idea)

Selection will include people from as many different continents/countries/nationalities as possible

Submissions due as soon as possible… no entries accepted after August 1, 2018

You will be notified of your selection by Sept 1st, 2018

If selected to come to Nepal, your airfare, food, and accommodation will be sponsored. You are welcome to bring one person with you, but they would need to pay for their own travel.

All further information will be given to you at the selection time.

Congratulations on being part of the solution and help heal yourself and this wonderful Mother Earth deeper and deeper!

To Contact Dr. Naram regarding your personal health questions or schedule an appointment on upcoming tour you can contact: