Great News! Breakthrough Ancient Healing Herbal Formulas From Dr. Pankaj Naram

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Dr. Pankaj Naram is known around the world as a master healer. For the last 36+ years more than a million people from over 108 countries have come to him for his ancient healing solutions, and found remarkable results. Recently National Geographic featured Dr. Pankaj Naram on their multiple award-winning Explorer series as a “world authority on ancient healing”. Dr. Naram himself says that he is not the healer, but that he is a “mid-wife” of your body healing itself, and that the 2,500+ year old healing Siddha-Veda lineage masters he has been taught by were keepers of many of the ancient secrets for how to use nature and natural laws to bring balance and deep healing to body, mind, and emotions.

Recorded in ancient texts, the masters of Siddha-Veda recorded the principles, processes, and results of using healing instruments such as diet (some new recipes posted on, marma (see, and specially processed herbal formulas to help remove blocks and re balance and rejuvenate the body.

These herbal formulas are truly unique because of their purity and efficacy, in helping people recover from and prevent serious chronic and acute health challenges for thousands of years, and now with people from all over the world. Each is meticulously laboratory tested to make sure it is safe of any heavy metal or bacteria, and each tablet is standardized to consistently have in it the healing properties the ancient texts indicate it must have. People have reported serious benefit and improvements in areas like cholesterol, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, hair growth, weigh loss, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, psoriasis and other skin challenges, liver and heart challenges, hormonal imbalance, and on and on.

The people Dr. Naram has helped, including heads of state, the Dalai Lama, Saint Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela have come to him because of the unique and powerful solutions he has access to in the ancient science of Siddha-Veda. Thousands of 9-11 firefighters and first responders have taken several of his herbal formulas with results that were recorded by Dr. Jim Dahl, and Dr. Kathy Falk and published in a peer-reviewed medical paper, documenting the improvements people felt in areas of their lives such as improved energy, digestion, sleep, recovery from depression, better breathing, etc. For this work, Dr. Naram was honored with “Humanitarian of the Year” award by the State Legislature of New Jersey. Additionally, some of his formulas have received the Certificate of Excellence award, bestowed by Medicina Alternativa, in Prague, and Dr. Naram himself has been asked to teach a two-year certification course on Ancient Healing Methods on a regular basis to doctors from around the world through a prestigious private university in Berlin, Germany.

The big problem for many has been – how do I get these herbal formulas? In addition to recording for a daily TV show that broadcasts him into millions of homes in 169 countries, Dr. Naram carries on a busy travel schedule. But the appointments in each city fill quickly, and not everyone who wants to see him can. Even then, people often have to travel great distances, and incur the cost of flights, hotel, and so on.

The great news is that Dr. Naram has taken his more than 36+ years of experience with helping people experience deep healing with the principles of his ancient science, and synthesized several herbal formulas that anyone can take without even seeing him. He is so confident in the benefit people will see as a result of taking them, all of these new products will come with a money-back guarantee.

Currently his team is working hard on getting the products completed and ready to ship.  Stay tuned to this blog over the next few weeks as we post product updates, announcements  and availability!


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