Dr. Naram’s BP Mantra Formula


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Natural Support for Healthy BP levels
When you help naturally support your body’s BP levels through good diet, exercise, and good herbal supplements like BP Mantra, your body will be able to feel younger, healthier, and happier. With normal BP levels, you have a reduced risk of symptoms related to high blood pressure such as kidney problems, stroke, heart challenges, Alzheimer’s, decreased libido, and so on. Supporting a healthy cardiovascular system is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for those you love.
Directions: Take 1 tablet twice a day, unless more is needed

Dr. Naram is the current head of an unbroken lineage of master healers from the Himalayas. BP Mantra Formula, like Dr. Naram’s other formulas, uses only the Highest Quality Fresh Herbs, combined according to the ancient processes given in Siddha-Veda manuscripts, dating back to 2500+ years ago.

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