Dr. Naram’s Allergy Mukti Combo



27 in stock


27 in stock


Have you struggled with allergies, or know someone who does?

If so, you know how horrible it can feel. The ancient healing secrets from the Himalayan masters have been helping people for thousands of years and is available now in this combo pack. This natural herbal remedy provides support to your bodies own process to help get to the root of the condition of where allergies affect you. Also useful in Cough and colds.

The good news – All of Dr. Naram’s Formulas Use Only the Highest Quality Fresh Herbs, Combined according to the Ancient Processes given in Siddha Veda scriptures, dating back to 2500+ years ago. People all over the world share about how powerful and effective they are in helping them feel better, more energy, health, and peace of mind.


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