Watch this touching video interview with Dr. Clint Rogers & Dr. Pankaj Naram’s student experience in one of the Ancient Healing Courses earlier this year.

Dr. Clint Rogers: [00:00:00] Talk about the course. Why did you come to see Dr. Naram, and to participate in the German university course. What was your experience like.

Student: [00:00:09] I have a deep belief in ancient healing. I have not been well, on and off for 16 17 years. It’s because I’m a victim of September 11. New York so after that I came to the UK and I have not been well. Something go wrong in the last four years I’ve been worse. And I been to every other medical doctor worldwide, for many things. And they can give you temporary relieve, they cannot cure it. I know from my heart and from what I have learned that these ancient secrets if available can be. So I first started to find an Ayurvedic who can read the pulse properly. I went to 15-20 Ayurvedics for pulse reading, until I found one doctor who is the best I met so far at reading the pulse. I found her through Dr. Naram’s T.V. programs. That’s why I came here. To cure myself and also to help others. It’s a long time to learn, this course. The way I treat it; two year program, two year internship – 4 years before you can begin.

Dr. Clint Rogers: [00:01:39] What was your experience in the first few days. What surprised you? What did you learn? What were your take-aways?

Student: [00:01:45] The big thing is the philosophy behind it. Because without the philosophy, you can’t get to the cure. You can’t get to the root of the problem. And the second thing I think would finally fix it is the programming; to change, and make sure that the blocks don’t come back.

Student: [00:02:10] I would highly recommend *Dr. Naram’s Course* to those who have faith in natural medicine. And highly recommend, if you’re motivated to do it because it takes a lot of effort and unconventional thinking, from this modern world. The modern world doesn’t go this way. It’s for those people, others won’t benefit.

Student: [00:02:30] I’m really happy with the course so far. Today is my 3rd day. It meets my expectations fully. On everything; interactions, faculty, course content, method of instruction, and depth of learning and the reach it has.

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