Do you want hope, for your life, for your future?

If you know anyone that has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, you will know the feeling Manfred Gutheins had. Only his was the most progressive and severe form of MS that exists. Even the doctor that gave the diagnosis to Manfred was in tears as she shared with him that they had no solution, not even any medications for this severe kind of MS. His balance was so off, he was falling and hurting himself, and worried about hurting others. It seemed as if his most likely foreseeable near-future was a wheel chair. 

Manfred, an engineer by training, shares a story that can bring hope to you or anyone struggling with any major challenge. Now, a master of “Hope Engineering” – you can hear the story he recently presented at a German University about his case. He shares his inspiring story in a way that engineers hope in anyone struggling with a problem that initially seems impossible. Through the love of his wife, the grace of his faith, and the Ancient Healing of Dr. Pankaj Naram, his symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are reversing in an absolutely remarkable way!

If you want to feel any hope in your life, or you know someone who needs hope – for whatever challenge you/they face – you will enjoy watching and sharing this video.

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