For many years, Indian and Ayurvedic cuisines have been using ghee or clarified butter. Known to be a great alternative to those who have dairy-free diets, this liquid gold can be used as cooking oil, spread, and seasoning. In Indian tradition, ghee can also be used on the skin to prevent dryness and on the scalp for better hair growth. Aside from these benefits, here are other reasons ghee should be part of a healthy plant-based diet:

Desi ghee or clariified liquid butter in steel jar with cherry tomatoes and peppers

It is rich with vitamins A, D, E, and K

It is believed that a tablespoon of ghee consists of a person’s daily requirement of vitamins. Instead of finding other sources of these nutrients, one can easily make ghee at home and use the product for cooking. These vitamins are important in maintaining a person’s hormonal balance, liver health, stamina, and fertility. As a clarified butter, the body will also quickly absorb the good stuff.

It contains butyric acid that fights cancer

This acid prevents the growth of mammary tumors. It also keeps the body from inflammation, one reason many welcome the use of ghee as topical oil for the skin. Whether internal or external, the butyric acid in ghee prevents swelling in many parts of the body.


It can facilitate better digestion and weight loss

Rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), ghee can help with weight loss. Easily digested and absorbed in the body, the fats in ghee also provide good cholesterol. Butyric acid also helps in breaking down undigested food particles while healing the intestinal lining.

Aside from all the nutrients it contains, one of the great things about ghee is that it can be stored for a long time. When placed in an airtight jar, it can last for about three months. Instead of using other oils for cooking, start using ghee to experience its many benefits.